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 Nicknames for Movies:




Vampire Girl-Wolves


Isabella Swan later-Bella Cullen moved from Phoenix to Forks with her Father-Charlie- after her mom remarries.Bella falls in love with Edward and over the course of the year,Edward leaves her,comes back,marries her,and has a child with her.Bella is described as being stubborn and clumsy.She's 5-4,has long chocolaty brown hair, and brown  eyes.She is changed into a vampire by her husband Edward Cullen.She and Edward have an adorable baby girl Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

 Emmett Cullen is Edward,Jasper,and Alice's adoptive brother.He is also Bella's brother-in-law and Renesmee's uncle.He is married to Rosalie Hale.He was born Emmett McCarthy in 1915.In 1935 at age 20 he was living in Gatlinburg,  Tennessee,when he was mauled by a bear.Rosalie carried him over 100 miles to Appalachia to where Carlisle was so he could turn Emmett into a vampire.Rosalie saved him only because he reminded her of her old friend Vera's son.He has dark,curly hair,and dimpled cheeks.He is very muscular,and often described as Edward's favorite brother.

Nicknames in Movies: Em-Cullens  

 Nicknames in movie:

Rose-Cullen family



Sleepless Beauty-Jacob


 Rosalie Lillian Hale is Edward, Jasper,and Alice's adoptive sister,she is also Bella's sister-in-law,and Renesmee's aunt.She's Emmett's wife.She was born in 1915 in Rochester,New York.Rosalie is described as exceptionally beautiful even for a vampire.She is tall and has long wavy blonde hair.As a human she was engaged to the most eligible bachelor in New York-Royce King the second. On the last day of her human life after she left her friend Vera's house,she met an intoxicated Royce and his friends on her way home.Moments later she was beaten,and raped by Royce and his friends.After Carlisle changed her in 1933 she murdered Royce's friends and saved him for last.She has never tasted human blood.Rosalie has always been angered by the fact that vampires cannot have children.She stands by Bella during the pregnancy and this ultimately brings them together.

Jasper Hale was born Jasper Whitlock.Jasper was born in 1843. He is Alice's husband.He is one of the two vampires that are part of the Cullen's that Carlisle did not change.Jasper is the adoptive brother of Edward, Emmett,and Rosalie,he's Bella's brother-in-law,and Renesmee's uncle.Jasper is described as having honey blonde hair,and being tall and muscular.He has the last name Hale as a cover story,humans are lead to believe that he is Rosalie's real brother though he is not.He served in the Confederate army.At the age of 20 in 1863 he was changed by a girl named Maria.He gained the power to manipulate people's emotions.He joined two vampires,Peter and Charlotte he soon left them because they fed on human blood and he could feel their emotions when they died.Jasper met Alice and soon joined the Cullen's and adjusted to their vegetarian lifestyle. 

 Nicknames in movie:Jazz-Cullens

 Nicknames for movies:


Little Freak-Edward

Frightening little monster-Jasper

 Alice Cullen was born Mary Alice Brandon.She is the adoptive sister of Edward,Emmett,and Rosalie.Alice is married to Jasper,Bella's sister-in-law,and Renesmee aunt.She has short black hair,and is very graceful.She has the ability to see the future but only after the decision is made,therefor she can't see decisions made in the heat of the moment.In Breaking Dawn she realizes she can see vampires because she is one,humans because she used to be one,and she can't see "werewolves" of cross-breeds because she never was either.She remembers nothing of her human life.She was born around 1901 and was admitted to an insane asylum in  Biloxi, Mississippi because she had premonitions.Alice was changed by a vampire-not Carlisle-to protect her from James the vampire tracker who was tracking her in 1920.She later joined the Cullen's,Alice loves to shop,and do makeovers.She is very close to her brother Edward and grows to treat Bella as a sister as soon as they meet.Alice is also the youngest sister in Cullen family,(besides Bella).

Dr.Carlisle Cullen is married to Esme Cullen,and is Rosalie,Emmett,Jasper, Alice,and Edward's adoptive dad.Carlisle is also the oldest Cullen.He's also Bella's dad-in-law,and Renesmee's granddad.Carlisle is described to look like a model,with his blonde hair,and his slender but muscular body.Carlisle is over 300 years old.He was born in the 1640's, his father was a preacher and as he grew older he took the role.One night in 1663 he was attacked by a vampire and left in the streets,he knew he would be rejected by society,so he hid himself away in a chamber to endure the pain.He became horrified at what he's become,and tried to kill himself numerous time,and failed.He fed on deer one night and realized he could go without feeding on humans.He committed his life to the medical field and became a doctor,because he had amazing control over his thirst,this was possible.

 Nicknames in the movie:

Dr.Cullen-people of Forks

Stregoni Benefici-Volturi

Dr.Fang and Doc-Jacob


 Esme Cullen is the adoptive mother of Edward,Alice,Jasper,Emmett and Rosalie.She is married to Dr.Carlisle Cullen.She's also Bella's mother-in-law,and Renesmee's grandmother. Esme's name before she was changed was Esme Anne Platt Evenson.Esme has no special power although she loves passionately.Esme is described as having caramel colored hair.She was born in 1895 in Columbus,Ohio.At age 16 she was treated by Dr.Cullen after having fell out of a tree and breaking her leg.She married Charles Evenson but he abused her she ran away after she found out she was pregnant.She gave birth to a baby boy.Who died a few years later.Depressed by his death she jumped of a cliff as a failed attempt at suicide.Presumed dead she was brought to the morgue even though her heart was still beating.Carlisle remember treating her years before and could hear her heartbeat.Carlisle transformed her into a vampire in 1921,and married her.Esme loves all of her adoptive children,Bella,and Renesmee as if they were her own but she still grieves the fact that vampires cannot bear children.Esme is arguably the most loving of the Cullen's.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen is the half-vampire,half-human daughter of Bella and Edward.She was born on September 10.3 days before Bella's 19ht birthday in Breaking Dawn.Her first name is a combination of Bella's mother(Rene)and her mother-in-law's name(Esme).Her middle name is a combination of Bella's dad(Charlie)and he father-in-law's (Carlisle) names.She has her dad's facial features and hair color,her grandpa's curls,and Bella's eyes.Her heart pumps blood,and her skin shines in sunlight.Renesmee's skin is soft to the touch but is as strong as a full blood vampires.Jacob Black imprints on her essentially making her his soul mate,and acting as an older brother figure.She prefers blood over human food,but can survive on either.She has the ability to express her thoughts and feeling with the touch of her hand to a face.Jacob nicknames her Nessie which Bella strongly dislikes but by the end of the book all of the characters call by it.She matures very quickly a few days after she's born she can talk,and by the end of the book she can read,hunt,and run.Renesmee will reach physical maturity in about seven years and she will look to be about 17 and then stop aging.

Nicknames in Movie: Nessie. 

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